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We guarantee to beat all competitors’ prices. We buy and sell gold and silver. We realize that you want to know what your gold and silver is worth right now, and if it was possible we would post that right here! However, giving a quote without evaluating and weighing your gold is impossible to do, and not fair to either you or us. Precious metal markets are constantly fluctuating. When you come in to our store we will look at the current market price. We will evaluate your pieces by electronically testing the karat. Karat is the percentage of pure gold or silver in each piece (10k, 14k, 18k, 24k, 925). Then we will take the exact weight of your items to determine their value. This may seem difficult, but it's actually very simple! Within a few minutes of evaluating your gold and silver we will be able to provide you an exact value of your items. If you're ready to sell, you'll receive cash immediately on the spot!  

 Price must be in writing from a local competitor. Online ads are not valid for this offer. All legitimate offers will be beat. Universal Jewelry Pawn & Gun Inc, reserves the right, to legitimize any offers by whatever means they feel necessary prior to honoring the guaranteed top dollar promotion.